Grow Spiritually! Grow your Career!  This Book Shows you How

Jesus Christ; His Management and Motivating Style

Leadership at it's best

A New book by James Fox Hind

A motivational business manual centered on Jesus Christ's values and teachings

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Grow Spiritually! Grow your Career!
This Book Shows you How.

Christ was the most effective executive in the human race. The results He achieved are second to none.  His leadership style changed the world.  In only three years, He defined a mission and formed strategies and plans to carry it out.  With a staff of twelve unlikely men, He organized Christianity, which has grown to have 2.8 billion proponents today, is international in scope, and has branches in all the 234 countries throughout the world.

Jesus recruited, trained, and motivated disciples to become apostles, ordinary men to become extraordinary.  He is the greatest manager and developer of people ever.  How he did this and how it relates to the workaday world is the basis for this book.

Business people study the management qualities of history’s great business leaders.  It seems as if every other month is marked by a high-profile CEO’s or consultant’s new book promising to pave the way to personal or business success.

Doesn’t it make equal sense to examine the experiences and teachings of a successful person such as Jesus Christ?  Studying his corporate culture (beliefs and behavior) and management style show you how to take Christianity into the workplace in a positive, productive and acceptable way that motivates others.

Practicing Jesus' way of managing and motivating people earns respect from your people and peers.  His ways win support and cooperation.  Thus it develops a sphere of influence, the key to effective leadership.

His ways combine spiritual intelligence with business intelligence, showing you how to enhance the career development of others.  This offers the opportunities to not only help other thrive and flourish, but also for you to have a most successful career and happy personal life.  An African proverb sums it up:  “If you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to far, go together.”

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