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Jesus Christ: His Management and Motivating Style

Leadership at its best

by James Fox Hind


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What Business People are saying about the book: 

Jesus Christ: His Management and Motivating Style  -   Leadership at it's best

1.  "With inspiration and insight, "Jim" gets leaders thinking about how to integrate Christ's teachings rather than an obstacle to their management style."
  -  Misty Mayes, President Management Solutions 2012 U.S. SBA   National Subcontractor of the Year
2.  "His book contains strategies that will positively impact anyone who applies Christ's principles." 
  -  Paul Cowell, Founder and former CEO of Home Shopping Network, Currently owner of Whitestone Country Inn.
3.  " To model your leadership style after Jesus is to have the ultimate mentor and role model.  This book contains leadership at it's best." 
  -  Joan Cronan,  Emeritus of University Of Tennessee, Woman's Athletic Director.
4.  "The vehicle is Jesus.  I don't know of a book like yours that translates time honored solutions of business people of all faiths.
-  Don Sundquist, Governor of Tennessee, 1995-2003
5.  "With Jim's scriptural knowledge and vast business experience, his book describe a practical and productive application of Christian leadership in the business workplace.
  -  Michael Willard,  SCP, SPHR, retired Human resources Director, Lockheed Martin Energy Systems, Inc.
6. "What we need to realize is that even with deadlines to meet, teams which to work, unreasonable customers and competition from all sides, we can set a standard for not only what we accomplish but how we achieve out goals.  Let's pay attention to what this book has to say!"   
  -  J. Carl Goodman, Founding Principle/ President The ISAAC Network, LLC.
7.  “Required reading for all children of God.”
- John T. Johnson, Executive and Co-Founder, Oceaneering International, Inc.

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